NYS TESOL Webinars

All are welcome to participate in our webinars! 

  • All webinars are listed in Eastern time (NYC time zone)
  • Pre-registration is required, no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the session. 
  • 30 minutes before the session begins, you will receive an email with a join link.  Please do not share this link on any social media platforms to preserve the integrity of the sessions. 
  • Members will be prioritized when the session reaches capacity
  • To register for any upcoming webinars, click on the titles listed below.

Our CTLE/Certificat of Attendance request policy has recently changed, effective 2/21/2022.

  • Only members can apply for CTLE or Certificate of Participation. Follow this link to apply for CTLE or Certificate of Participation.  Join now for these benefits!
  • CTLE or Certificate of Participation can only be requested for webinars in which you participate live.

Many of our webinars are recorded!

  • All recorded webinars (not all are recorded) may be found on our NYS TESOL YouTube Channel and are listed here on this Padlet for convenience! 
  • Webinars created by NYS TESOL educators for families in home languages can be found on this playlist.
  • Webinars NYS TESOL created for educators of English learners can be found on this playlist.
  • Webinars NYS TESOL created for students on how to use Google Classroom are available in:  Arabic, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Haitian-Creole, Bengali, Urdu, Korean, Russian and Spanish can be found on this playlist.
  • September 2020 School Re-entry Webinar and Advocating for ELLs as Schools Reopen Resource available!


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