NYS TESOL Mentoring Program

Welcome to the NYS TESOL Mentoring Program


Our purpose is to create a mentoring circle as a networking platform where we can utilize and complement each other’s strengths. We have all types of TESOL professionals looking for a variety of professional support and people who are eager to serve and mentor others. You can participate as a mentor and/or a mentee. Currently, we will focus on educational technology.

We know that over the last few years educational technology has taken a critical role in our field. If you would like to develop your knowledge and skills using technology in lessons, or you feel confident enough to share your technological skills and would like to mentor, please complete this form.

Mentors meet with mentees twice initially. The first meeting is to provide ideas and instruction. The second meeting is a check in on how the mentee is progressing. Additional meetings are at the discretion of the mentor and mentee.

For any question or inquiry, please contact Sandra Vargas-Ortega, VP Communication at vpcommunications@nystesol.org.