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Tan Hynunh

At the beginning of March, Tan Hynunh gave a webinar entitled The Fruits of Co-Teaching are Rooted in Intentional Co-Planning  for NYS TESOL. At the time he was in his eighth week of being in lockdown in Vietnam and the same number of weeks teaching his fifth graders online. In New York, we were just coming to the realization that we would be teaching from home indefinitely. We thought it would be good to hear about his experience working online and what he has learned. Read his thoughts here!

Matt Kobulscz

Many of you listened to the webinar that Matt Kolbusz gave a few weeks ago for NYS TESOL. It was a great webinar and received a lot of excellent feedback, not least because Matt was so adept at demonstrating the use of Padlet and various other apps for the classroom. His demonstration made us all feel a little less nervous about trialing new educational technology in our classes. Read his thoughts here!