NYS TESOL Statement on Ukraine

NYS TESOL Position Statement on the Conflict in Ukraine

As a language teaching organization, NYS TESOL felt a statement was necessary on the situation currently unfolding in Ukraine. Before our statement, if you are able to afford to support their resistance, please consider the following organizations.


UNICEF is supporting health, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation, and protection for children and families caught in the conflict in Ukraine. 

The International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is preparing to provide critical aid to displaced families affected by conflict in Ukraine. 

International Committee of the Red Cross

The Switzerland-based international organization seeks to help people affected by the conflict and support the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross. 

Voices of Children

The charitable foundation of this organization is helping to provide psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by the Ukrainian conflict and helps them to overcome consequences of armed conflict.


With that said, we did want to be clear about what is happening. The pain and loss of life is staggering, and sure to continue as the attacks intensify, but this is more than just sad or tragic - tragedies can be accidental or random, of unexplained origin or cause. This is a brutal, pre-planned, and escalating act of imperialism, the leadership of a more powerful nation-state attempting to impose its will on a people they believe belong to them. With the exception of those whose families are personally affected by the invasion, the best we can do is to learn as much as possible about the situation, which we won't be able to do from our sports-highlight news coverage. Here's a more in-depth analysis contextualizing this and related acts of imperialism: https://bostonreview.net/articles/what-rule-based-international-order/

We hope all of you and your loved ones remain as safe as possible, and that we understand this invasion for what it is.

JPB Gerald, NYS TESOL VP Advocacy

NYS TESOL 2021-2022 Executive Board