Meet NYS TESOL 2022-2023 Newly Elected VP Conference Elect Ali Safivand

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Meet NYS TESOL 2022-2023 Newly Elected VP Conference Elect Ali Safivand


Ali Safivand, Ph.D.

Education & English Language Pedagogy

NYS TESOL VP Conference elect


Through this blog post, it is with great joy that I introduce ALi Safivand, our 2022-2023 VP Conference Elect.  

Our newly elected leaders were asked to share a little bit about themselves and how their service will support NYS TESOL and its vision: “All Educators are Educators of ELLs.”

Here is Ali Safivand shared: 


Ali has a Ph.D. in Education with his expertise in TESOL and English Language Pedagogy from the University of Rochester. He served as proposal chair for NYS TESOL in 2022 and previously held leading roles in NYS TESOL conferences.

 Elected by the NYS TESOL community as the Vice President Conference Elect for NYS TESOL Conference 2023, Ali believes NYS TESOL is a professional community where everyone with any background and culture can share their thoughts and experience to help the community grow and succeed even more.

 Ali is passionate about language teaching and learning. His passion for language teaching and learning has made him devote his life to study different ways of improving and maintaining his students’ motivation in the learning process. Ali considers access to English language learning as one of the key elements for social justice in every society.

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