Meet NYS TESOL 2022-2023 Newly Elected Leaders

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Meet NYS TESOL 2022-2023 Newly Elected Leaders


Dear Readers,

Warm greetings! As we prepare to welcome another new year, which I am confident will be filled with many wonderful things, I would like to wish everyone all the best during this holiday season.
It is an immense pleasure to present and welcome NYS TESOL’s 2023 Newly Elected Leaders:

President Elect: Shawnna Sweet

VP Conference Elect: Ali Safivand

VP Conference: Sandra Vargas-Ortega

VP Finance: Jinna Hyunjin KIM

VP Advocacy: Christine Passarelli

We look forward to our collaborative journey alongside each member of our NYS TESOL community!

The NYS TESOL is an excellent forum to collaborate and keep up to date with new research and best practices in the field of TESOL. If you would like to contribute to our blog, please reach out to me via email at:
In Partnership,
Dr. Sandra Vargas-Ortega
VP Communications
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