2021-2022 Leadership Team

Leadership is essential to the mission of NYS TESOL.  As educators and advocates for English learners in your own contexts, you know how vital a role you play. Our Leadership Teams create a community of educators willing to step forward to advance the professional development and advocacy mission of our organization.  Contact us at pres@nystesol.org if you are interested in getting more involved in NYS TESOL leadership--we welcome you!

Advocacy Team

Contact them at vpadvocacy@nystesol.org

JPB Gerald

VP Advocacy

Susan Lafond

Federal Advocacy Coordinator

Christine Passarelli

Statewide Advocacy

Jasmine Byrd

Statewide Advocacy

Lisa Friscia

Statewide Advocacy

Communications Team

Contact them at vpcommunications@nystesol.org

Lesley Painter-Farrell

VP Communications

Lubie Grujicic-Alatriste

Editor-in-Chief, NYSTESOL Journal

Brigitte Pittarelli

Director of Social Media

Haojie (Jean) Jiang

Director of Online Professional Learning

Glencora Roberts

Website Support

Mosaic Newsletter Team

Contact them at mosaic@nystesol.org

Genie Smiddy

Editor-in-Chief, NYS TESOL Newsletter

Justin Gerald

Editor, Identity and Liberation

Amanda Moody

Editor, Mentoring Matters

Xiaochen Du

Editor, Research in Brief

Conference Team 

Contact them at conference@nystesol.org

Yasmeen Coaxum

VP Conference

Olga DeJesus

VP Conference-Elect/ Scheduling Chair

Clara Bauler

Proposal Co-Chair

Ali Safivan

Proposal Co-Chair

Finance & Operations Team

Contact them at vpfinance@nystesol.org

Shawnna Sweet

VP Finance

James Stotz

Accountant/ Financial Advisor

Rosibeli Gomez



Business Manager

Membership Team 

Contact them at vpmembership@nystesol.org

Kendra Howard

VP Membership

Janie Thomas

Director of Member Services


Co-Director Member Recruitment (Downstate)


Co-Director Member Recruitment (Upstate)


Mentor Program Coordinator

Outreach Team 

Contact them at vpoutreach@nystesol.org

Tanya Rosado-Barringer

VP of Outreach

Collette Farone-Goodwin

Director of Regions

Sheila Damato

Director of SIGs